Belgian Gryffins

The Belgium national quidditch team, known as the Belgian Gryffins, is the national team of Belgium in quidditch. The team was founded in 2014 upon the announcement of the 2014 IQA Global Games, the International Quidditch Association’s second international tournament featuring national teams.

The team is overseen by the Belgian Quidditch Federation, the head organisation of all quidditch in Belgium. The name Gryffins and the logo come from the combination of Belgium’s two community’s symbols: the Walloon rooster and the Flemish lion.


Official Logo

Current Team

The following team will participate in the IQA World Cup 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany.

#Last NameFirst NamePrimary TeamPosition
1ArduiWillemDeurne Dodo AChaser / Keeper
2Van HuygevoortTimDeurne Dodo AChaser
4HuyckeEllenGhent GargoylesChaser
5AbbagnatoSorayaDeurne Dodo ABeater
6VenckeleerLaurentDeurne Dodo AChaser
7De GraeveJensBruges BridgebacksChaser
8EeckhoutFaustDeurne Dodo ABeater
11GovaertAxianaGhent GargoylesBeater
12AertsEmileDeurne Dodo AChaser
13ReyniersElisabethDeurne Dodo ABeater
14DiazJorgeBrussels QwafflesChaser
16De WitSeppeDeurne Dodo AChaser
17LeclaireDamienBrussels QwafflesBeater
24Van MeelChayenneBrussels QwafflesChaser
33LermytteLouisDeurne Dodo AChaser / Keeper
69WilputteNathanBrussels QwafflesChaser / Keeper
87LinssenAudreyLiège LeviathansChaser
98NaudtsLanaBrussels QwafflesChaser
99LiepinArnaudLiège LeviathansChaser
777UnruhMicahGhent GargoylesChaser
789BurlionTanghiBrussels QwafflesBeater


The colours of the team have always been that of the Belgium tricolore, red, yellow and black. Since in quidditch it is illegal to sport a jersey primarily with yellow due to confusion with snitches, the primary colours are always red or black with yellow as a flair.

The design of the 2014 jerseys were put through a popular vote open to any interested Belgian quidditch player. The majority chose the option created by Julie-Anne Weber, who designed the paw, and Cory Faniel, who dealt with the colour layout.

In November 2014, a popular vote ranked the Gryffins’ jersey among the five best quidditch team uniforms in the world, according to the readers of The Quidditch Post. A jury of editors graded each submission and, after aggregating the score of popular and jury votes, Belgium was awarded the title of World’s Best Quidditch Uniform for the jersey design displayed above.

In 2015, the decision was made to maintain a similar design for the European Games jersey, though a change in provider resulted in some necessary tweaking. The Gryffins will keep wearing the jersey in the IQA World Cup 2016 campaign.

Official Jersey Design 2014

Official Jersey Design 2014

Competitive History

IQA Global Games 2014

The IQA Global Games 2014 were held in Vancouver, Canada. They are the predecessor of the current IQA World Cup.

BelgiumScore BelgiumvsScore OppOpponentTournament Stage
Belgium70-150*MexicoGroup Stage
Belgium30*-70CanadaGroup Stage
Belgium50*-90United KingdomGroup Stage
Belgium0-160*AustraliaGroup Stage
Belgium60*-140FranceGroup Stage
BelgiumFF-150*USAGroup Stage

The Belgian Gryffins finished 7th.

IQA European Games 2015

The IQA European Games 2015 were held in Sarteano, Italy.

BelgiumScore BelgiumvsScore OppOpponentTournament Stage
Belgium50-150*FranceGroup Stage
Belgium140*-20SpainGroup Stage
Belgium190*-50CataloniaGroup Stage
Belgium150*-0PolandGroup Stage
Belgium140-50*TurkeyGroup Stage
Belgium90-30*ItalyQuarter Finals
Belgium40-80*United KingdomSemi-Finals
Belgium80-150*Norway3th Place Play-Off

The Belgian Gryffins finished 4th, just missing out on the bronze medal.