EQC qualifier


The idea of an EQC Qualifier was first brought up after the representatives of theGeneral Assembly suggested we find a new way to decide which Belgian teams would go to the European Quidditch Cup. We needed to find a fair way that showed which teams performed the best over a longer period of time. BQF decided at the beginning of the 2017-2018 season to come up with a new events structure for the new season. The Belgian Quidditch League 2017-2018 ranking would serve as a way to determine which teams could compete for these EQC spots and which teams would have to play the Development Cup to get a chance to participate in this tournament.



For EQC 2019, the team that won the 2017-2018 league automatically qualified for EQC. Teams placed second to fifth would be invited to play the EQC Qualifier. The other Belgian teams would battle it out in the Development Cup for the last 2 invitations to the Qualifiers. In total, 6 teams will compete in the first edition of this tournament.



The teams competing in this first edition will be, according to the League ranking:

  1. Ghent Gargoyles
  2. Brussels Qwaffles
  3. Liège Leviathans A
  4. Antwerp B
  5. The Flaming Fwoopers
  6. Liège Leviathans B

It will be held end 10th of November 2018. More information on the event can be found here.