About the Belgian Quidditch Federation

Belgian Quidditch Federation is a non-profit organisation functioning as the national sports federation for quidditch within the Belgian territory. BQF's main goal is the development and advancement of quidditch in Belgium, by providing information and support to members and teams.

The federation encourages sportspersonship, creativity, community and competition as well as environmental stewardship. BQF is responsible for the organisation of the Belgian quidditch competition (Belgian Quidditch League), the maintenance of intimate ties with its sibling organisations: Quidditch Nederland and Luxembourgish Quidditch Federation, the communication with other countries' governing bodies for quidditch and the communication with international organizations such as the International Quidditch Association (IQA).

Following the IQA's policies, BQF advocates equality in its various forms: gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexuality, language, as well as all other forms. Discrimination of any form will not be tolerated within the organisation or its members.

With regards to language policy specifically, BQF acknowledges the language equality of Belgium's three official languages (Dutch, French and German) while using English as de facto language to facilitate communication whenever fast translation/interpretation is not possible.


Belgian Quidditch Federation wants to be a home to all Belgian quidditch players. By helping advance new and older teams, we want to help grow quidditch within Belgium.

Belgian Quidditch Federation wants to support the several teams on multiple levels. Such as financial support by giving grants, supervising season competitions but also through offering education to help grow the sport on national level. We also organise events and tournaments to give the teams enough opportunities to develop themselves.

Belgian Quidditch Federation wants to be a place where everyone can be themselves. We strive to build a community where we empower all genders to compete together.


Belgian Quidditch Federation strives for the sport to be acknowledged as a legitimate sport on a national level. We also strive to keep advancing the sport and teams on all levels.



Belgian Quidditch Federation wants to be inclusive. That means that everyone is welcome, no matter who they are or what gender they identify as.

Belgian Quidditch Federation is neutral. This means we treat everyone as an equal, not only on a personal level but also on a teamlevel. All teams are the same. Everyone is the equal.

Belgian Quidditch Federation values team spirit. We are one big family and the feeling of togetherness outweighs competition.

Belgian Quidditch Federation strives to be professional. This should reflect in all of our means of communication.

Belgian Quidditch Federation strives to be transparent. This should also reflect in all ouf means of communication.