Belgian Gryffins Staff

Selection and Scouting Committee (SC):


The role of the members of the SC is to help select 28 players (21 + reserves) for the Belgian Gryffins, on the terms and specifications of the Head Coach, who is also part of the SC. The executive board votes for the members of the SC, with a maximum of 2 members from the same club. The SC then votes for a Head Coach.

The SC cannot intervene in any way with the management, coaching or trainings of the Gryffins.

If a member wants to leave the SC for any reason, they have to specify this in advance so that a new member can be selected, or so that measures can be taken during the time they will be absent.


  • Nathan Wilputte
  • Rik De Boeck
  • Pauline Raes
  • Seppe de Wit

Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Tim van Huygevoort

Person chosen by the SC, responsible for the SC and the coaching staff. They will work out tactics and plans for the Gryffins, and give the criteria to select the 28 players in accordance with these objectives. They will build a Coaching Staff around them to achieve these goals. They will also have the last word in choosing the final 21 players.

Assistant Coach, acting as Field Manager

Rik De Boeck

Person chosen by the head coach and responsible for the development of details, such as techniques of play or placement of players on pitch. During the tournament they will be the head coach’s voice in the sub box to effectively execute the tactics worked out with them.

General Manager

Caroline Mailleux

Person chosen by the head coach and responsible for the management of the players on an individual level. This person will focus on the players during practices to keep track of their performances, and during the tournament to give feedback to the acting Field Manager.

Gameplay Analysis Consultant

Currently discussing with Arnaud Liepin for this position

During practice, this person will focus on the tactics on a global level and keep track of all the relevant parameters, to give as feedback to the head coach and assistant coach.

Team Manager

Tatiana Pujkis

Responsible for all logistic matters so that the players, coach, SC and trainers can function and progress in the best conditions possible. For example, they will be responsible for raising money for the team, booking the training locations, the material, travel, hotel, food, water during games, time keeping, etc. This person can have an assistant to help them in these tasks, but will be the one held accountable.


  • Nathan Wilputte
  • Tanghi Burlion
  • Seppe De Wit

Persons who work together with and under the responsibility of the Head Coach and Field Manager to train the players in their physical, tactical and mental abilities as individuals and as a team.