Neighbourhood Cup – Results

This saturday the very first Neighbourhood Quidditch Cup took place. The event was a collaboration with Quidditch Nederland and Deutscher Quidditchbund.

Four Belgian teams participated in the icy cold snow. Teams that participated Saturday were:

  • Les Dracognards / Quidditch Louvain-la-Neuve
  • Liège Leviathans B
  • Ghent Gargoyles II
  • The Flaming Fwoopers

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This is where our Belgian teams ended up in the rankings:

2. Liège Leviathans B

7. Ghent Gargoyles II

10. The Flaming Fwoopers

11. Les Dracognards

Congratulations to all teams participating, and especially Liège Leviathans B for taking their first medal ever.