Introducing BQF: Lore Badts

There are several people who work for you in Belgian Quidditch Federation. But who are these volunteers that are committed to the interests of all players? This week, we would like to give you some information about them and what their role is within the federation.

The last person we would like to introduce is Lore Badts.
Lore is, as of March, in charge of communications, marketing and PR.

She got in contact with Belgian Quidditch Federation while looking for an organisation to write her thesis on. She spent the last few months analysing the organisation and the communication. To conclude her audit, she wrote a few advises for Belgian Quidditch Federation that she will now be implementing after handing in her thesis.

Lore has taken up several positions before related to communications. She was an admin for Belgian Whovians United for four years and later on, she had the positions content manager and internal manager for Goesthink. She is currently finishing up her degree in communications and will start her masters in communication science in October.