Introducing BQF: Lana Naudts

There are several people who work for you in Belgian Quidditch Federation. But who are these volunteers that are committed to the interests of all players? This week, we would like to give you some information about them and what their role is within the federation.

In our third instalment of this series, we introduce you Lana Naudts.
Lana is BQF’s Vice-President and Gameplay Director.

As VP, she is the second in command and takes over whenever the President is unable to fulfil his tasks. This can either be as Belgium’s representative within the European Committee and/or IQA Congress, or as chairwoman of the General Assembly.

As Gameplay Director, she is in charge of making sure all gameplay policies are clear and correct, and makes sure they’re being followed by any individual. She also plays a crucial role in organising the different tournaments Belgium hosts, like Belgian Quidditch Cup, the League and Development Cup, where she creates the gameplay formats.

Outside quidditch, Lana studies Medicine. She started quidditch after discovering it by attending a convention. The very next weekend, she was running around on a broom in Ghent. She later joined the Brussels Qwaffles as their captain and is now part of Antwerp B.

She’s one of the most dedicated people to BQF that we know in the Executive Board.

Credits to Dirk De Lobel