Introducing BQF: Pauline Raes

There are several people who work for you in Belgian Quidditch Federation. But who are these volunteers that are committed to the interests of all players? This week, we would like to give you some information about them and what their role is within the federation.

Today we will introduce you to the person behind the Belgian Quidditch League: Pauline Raes
Pauline is League Director and secretary

As league director she schedules the League games and the required referees. She collects the rosters for the games and makes sure that all players are eligible to play. She’s in constant contact with the several league teams to make sure those teams have an optimal experience within the League.

As secretary, she writes down the minutes of the Executive Board meetings.

On personal level, Pauline is currently working whilst completing her bachelor’s at the same time. She got into quidditch November 2014 after a friend brought her to a quidditch practice in Ghent and it was love at first sight. She’s taken up several important positions in tournaments such as referee and snitch coordinator at World Cup 2016 and official and volunteers coordinator at European Games 2017.

She’s currently also working as the IQA Head of Gameplay.

All her previous experiences make her the right fit for her current position within BQF.

Credits to: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography