Belgian Gryffins – Staff & October Selection

Head Coach Louis Lermytte, Belgian Gryffins Selection Committee 2016-2017 and the Belgian Quidditch Federation is excited to announce the staff of the Belgian Gryffins and the first official selection.


Team Manager – Rik De Boeck

The Gryffins are happy to welcome Rik De Boeck as Team Manager for the 2017-2018 season. Rik has been chosen by the executive board to manage the Gryffins. Rik who has had experience with the Gryffins both as player in 2015 and as assistant coach in the last EG campaign will bring his experience with the Gryffins to take on one of the leading roles for the team.

Fundraising Manager – Dorien De Vos

As his first act as Team Manager, Rik has already elected his Fundraising Manager. Dorien De Vos, who has a lot of experience within quidditch as player for Ghent Gargoyles, will join the managing team. Dorien has shown a great proof of organizing skills as part of the League of Extraordinary Ghentlemen (LXG) organising committee.

Logistics Manager

The Gryffins are still looking for a logistics managers.
Applications can be filed on this form:

Deadline: 18/10/2017


The head coach would like to announce the following people as his trainers for the 2017-2018 season. They will help out the head coach on practices.

Seppe De Wit
Nick De Leu
Nathan Wilputte

October Selection

Chasers / Keepers

  1. Seppe De Wit – Antwerp A
  2. Nathan Wilputte – Antwerp A
  3. Laurent Venckeleer – Antwerp A
  4. Nick De Leu – Ghent Gargoyles
  5. Micah Unruh – Ghent Gargoyles
  6. Sylvain Hochede – Liège Leviathans A
  7. Jef Dheere – Antwerp B
  8. Jonas Versmissen – Antwerp A
  9. Emile Aerts – Antwerp A
  10. Jeroen Spruyt – Antwerp B
  11. Savinien Massin – Brussels Qwaffles
  12. Jens De Graeve – Ghent Gargoyles
  13. Dale Housden – Ghent Gargoyles
  14. Paul Bonnet – Antwerp B
  15. Viktor Marckx – Antwerp B
  16. Hanne Porres – Antwerp A
  17. Florence Anslot – Antwerp A
  18. Noa Sangulin – Antwerp A
  19. Chayenne Van Meel – Brussels Qwaffles
  20. Gloria Roelants – Ghent Gargoyles
  21. Yse Marbaix – Brussels Qwaffles
  22. Veerle Baumers – Antwerp B
  23. Ellen Huycke – Ghent Gargoyles


  1. Louis Lermytte – Antwerp A
  2. Jan Dubois – Antwerp A
  3. Tim Van Huygevoort – Antwerp A
  4. Florian Dion – Brussels Qwaffles
  5. Tanghi Burlion – Brussels Qwaffles
  6. Viktor Moortgat – Ghent Gargoyles
  7. Elisabeth Reyniers – Antwerp A
  8. Katrien De Doncker – Antwerp A
  9. Soraya Abbagnato – Antwerp A
  10. Lana Naudts – Antwerp B
  11. Lotte Opsomer – Ghent Gargoyles
  12. Sandrine Plunus – Liège Leviathans


  1. Tim Steenbeke – Antwerp B
  2. Matthias Haenebalcke – Ghent Gargoyles