Belgian Gryffins – Head Coach Announced

The Belgian Quidditch Federation is proud to announce that Louis Lermytte, coach of Antwerp Quidditch Club, has been elected Head Coach of the Belgian Gryffins for the 2018 World Cup.

Lermytte was elected unanimously by the 2016 Selection Committee. This is the second time Lermytte will be the Head Coach of our national team.

As coach, Lermytte has led Antwerp to become 2 time consecutive Belgian champions. He also led his team to European victory earlier this year at the European Quidditch Cup 2017, where Antwerp A won gold.

Lermytte coached the Gryffins before, in 2016, where the team took 7th place at the previous World Cup.

This season he will lead the team to become World Champions.

Lermytte in a Gryffins team talk at the 2017 IQA European Games (c) –