Belgian Gryffins 2017 – Final Selection

The Belgian Gryffins’ Selection Committee is proud to announce the final selection for the 2016-2017 Belgian national team.

It will be divided in 3 groups: the main squad of 21, the reserve, and the training players.


Below you can find the names of the players for every squad, congratulations to everyone selected.

To all others; keep working, maybe you’ll be on one of these lists next year.

The names are listed in alphabetical order.

21 Main Squad

  1. Abbagnato Soraya
  2. Bonnet Paul
  3. Busson Hato
  4. De Graeve Jens
  5. De Leu Nick
  6. De Wit Seppe
  7. Dion Florian
  8. Dubois Jan
  9. Eeckhout Faust
  10. Hochede Sylvain
  11. Lermytte Louis
  12. Meers Jana
  13. Noiret Jerôme
  14. Olivier Jade
  15. Porres Hanne
  16. Prime Morgane
  17. Reyniers Elisabeth
  18. Unruh Micah
  19. Van Huygevoort Tim
  20. Van Meel Chayenne
  21. Wilputte Nathan


Reserve Players

  1. Beka Julie
  2. De Jonge Toon
  3. De Ridder Nathan
  4. Laverdeur Justine
  5. Naudts Lana
  6. Spruyt Jeroen
  7. Wilputte Moïra


Training Players

  1. Huycke Ellen
  2. Jottrand Blaise
  3. Liepin Arnaud
  4. Linssen Audrey
  5. Meuris Michael
  6. Plunus Sandrine
  7. Versmissen Jonas


We are looking forward to seeing what these players can accomplish together this season.



Tim van Huygevoort
Head Coach

Rik De Boeck
Seppe De Wit
Pauline Raes
Nathan Wilputte
Selection Committee